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X Box Stop Sucking

From the folks that brought you Windows 8, adventures in how the fuck do I get anything done at work anymore, comes the X Box One.

Straight out of the box, this things starts trawling for personal information. You'd think they might decide NOT to do this considering the entry price is a couple hundred more for the standard console than it was last time.

Let's Get Physical

I've been torturing myself on the ergometer lately. Hopefully my trainer thinks I'm dead, because I want to surprise him at the end of the month by making Concept2's challenge.

Yeah, yeah, this is a Library Science blog. I'm getting to it. :)

It's not possible to conventionally read and row. You've a handle in both yer hands. You're sweating bullets and trying not to pull yer back. I couldn't even manage to listen to mah iPod and do a 5,000 without crimping the headphones under mah seat. (Get an armband!)

"Get Your Game On"

Thanks to Ellen Forsyth of the State Library of New South Wales, there's a monthly online gathering in the Saurfang Ironforge Library in World of Warcraft. The lecture series can get quite interesting, and Eli Neiburger was no exception to this.

RealID is ruinin' mah research

One of the nicest things about World of Warcraft is that you've a certain degree of anonymity. If you're researching, who knows who you're talking to? It isn't unusual to catch fellow researchers conducting surveys. These vary from gender studies, to psychology, to sociology, and any number of different topics. I tend to like WoW for my ability to make plenty of virtual mistakes that I can avoid in real life.

All I Really Needed to Know about Administration, I Learnt from Arathi Basin

All I Really Needed to Know about Administration, I Learnt from Arathi Basin

BWS Johnson

Who I Am

Who I Am

Just what gives me the right to stand up here and lecture, anyway?


I was the Director of the Hinsdale Public Library for four and a half years. If you've not been a small rural Library Director, you're missing out, particularly on baked goods. During my tenure there, I snuck onto the Executive Board of the Regional Library System, and even the State Aid Review Committee, while they weren't looking.

What World of Warcraft (WOW) Is

What World of Warcraft (WOW) Is

World of Warcraft is a Fantasy genre Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game or MMORPG. Players battle monsters to gain experience in order to advance in level. In Burning Crusade, the level maximum is 70. Players can talk to other players in close to real time and make friends provided the friend is a member of their faction. The humans, night elves, dwarves, and draenei are all members of the Alliance. The orcs, trolls, tauren, blood elves, and undead are all members of the Horde. The Alliance and the Horde are bitter enemies, though in later game schemes are forced to cooperate.

What Player Versus Player is and What Arathi Basin Is

What Player Versus Player is and What Arathi Basin Is

Arathi Basin is a Player vs. Player Instance in World of Warcraft. Your character competes against other people's characters real time in a mass duel. It's much more fun to play a person than it is to play a computer opponent. (Player versus enemy, or PVE is how that's put.) Humans are less predictable and have quicker reactions than a stale artificial intelligence.

Objectives and Basic Strategy

Objectives and Basic Strategy

There are five bases, or nodes, to capture. They're approximately equidistant. They are

The Stables (ST)
The Gold Mine (GM or mine)
The Lumber Mill (LM)
The Blacksmith (BS)
The Farm (farm)

To capture a base, the player works at switching the flag located at the node they wish to control. Once a base has been flying the team colours, a side can collect resources from that base. The more bases a faction controls, the quicker the victory. The first team to 2000 resources wins.

Dramatis Personae

Just like real life, there are basically jocks and dweebs. However, in virtual reality, you get to decide how you're going to turn out. Warriors and Hunters are the jocks of World of Warcraft. Priests and mages are the dweebs. Paladins and Druids can serve any number of functions. The overarching game strategy is to

1) Kill before you are killed (Damage per second {DPS})
2) Be so buff the other guy gets tired and dies (Tanking)
3) Keep another player alive long enough to keep you alive by proxy (Healing)

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