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Enough Barbie, ALA Sucks. Still.

This is a response to "Is the Association Ripe for Rebellion?" by Jim Rettig, in american libraries. Can't find it? Lemme google it for ye.

(fine, it's here:

Before I start my rant, I want to be very clear that I personally think Jim Rettig is not part of the problem. However, I feel it necessary to dissect what he's stated. This should not be construed as a personal attack, since it isn't.

My Fraternity Does a Better Job with Conferences than ALA and it Disturbs Me No End

"I've had all I can stand. I can't stands no more!"

I feel the need to dissect the 2009 LITA National Forum in gory, gory, blow by blow detail.

ALA Voluntarily Censors its entire membership, again

So I wake up of a weekend to find a piece of trash in me inbox from James Rettig via Keith Fiels about what they consider political speech.


-----Forwarded Message-----
From: Keith Michael Fiels
Sent: Sep 5, 2008 3:49 PM
Subject: [alacoun] Message from ALA President Jim Rettig

Dear Colleagues:

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