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Ender's Game + Ender's Shadow = Homophobic Litany

Folks are in a tizzy from Orson Scott Card getting the Edwards award from YALSA.

They should be.

However, the whys of why they should be have been contorted.

I can't help but wonder how many people read things in their entirety or even carefully scan before they go commenting about them.

First, folks are seriously misconstruing the rules YALSA uses in determining the Edwards.

This is *not* an endorsement of someone's life.

Middlesex, an unintended review

So, I'm innocently emailing to and fro. The other end of the line is much heavier on the IQ than I, so I'm trying to put a little spit shine on ye olde reader's advisory.

(Is it easier for you to book talk in bytes? It is for me.)

Here I go, posting stuff I oughtn't. This is the stuff born of flattery.



Two of the lists I'm on that are fantastic for philosophy are GOVDOCS and GAYLIBN, though the droughts between deep thinking oases seem pronounced sometimes. I stick around for moments like these.

Right now on the latter, there's an awesome back and forth on NACO, Authorities, RDA, OPAC display and all sorts of other heavy duty cataloguing junk.

The initial uber relevant list question was something like "Hey, what do we do with trans people's authority records?"

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