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On Defence Contractors and Revisionist History

Progressive Technology Federal Systems, a large defence contractor doing business as PTFS (presumably since it sounds smaller that way) decided to sidle on in to the Koha scene about a couple of years ago. (Here's a link if you don't believe that they're a defence contractor. If you don't believe that they're large, Hoover them.)

At the time they came to town, folks thought "Great!" We welcome new folks. A new set of hands is a good thing.

Open Source Overview

Overview of Open Source:

There are a lot of metaphors for Open Source. One of the most frequently used metaphors is a car metaphor. I've decided to use something nearer and dearer to Library Scientists. Food.

Suppose you went out for a slice of pizza. Let's pretend that when you got to the pizzaria, the front part for the customers was divided in half by a glass partition. Part of the store sold just plain cheese pizza, and this is hard to believe, but the other part of the store was giving away any kind of pizza you wanted.

"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small" -- Jefferson Airplane

Soooooo. I can't help but wonder at this point. Do I look like a cataloguer?

I know that as the last of a dying breed of generalists I can pass for a few things, but a *cataloguer*? Really? Did all of the heavy duty folks phone out of work?

I assure you, come to my house, see the mess, and be disabused of the notion that I can put order to chaos. I _like_ Chaos Theory and Complexity. (Which I ought post about sometime.) If you squint hard enough, maybe I'll blur into an Indexer. Indexers are to cataloguing what sociologists are to psychologists.

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