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Up All Blacks!

I'm certain some of you are wondering what happens when you wear an All Blacks rugby jersey about town in the States. Anyone looks smart in this kit, even me, so the first thing to do is go buy some.

It should come with a warning label.

Warning: Wearing this kit will attract every Kiwi within a 5 mile radius. Proceed with extreme caution.

People I've never met before, and usually don't see a second time, will come out, vigorously shake me hand, ask if I'm from eNZed, and then do or say summat extra nice and be off to presumably do good elsewhere.

Teh Ohnoes, a Barbie Post010101@!

Forgive me a Barbie post. Every now and again it happens. I wear a wee bit of pink despite meself. I get the desire to wear hair ties or hold a girly fan. I gush in the stead of ranting.

So please do pardon the treacle.

One of the best bits of advice I ever received was from Sylvia Barnard, my Latin professor. After confiding in her, she told me that I needed a change of scene. I ended up in Trinity College in Dublin thanks to her. More likely than no, without those words, I'd have left University and become an auto mechanic, never to touch my comely wife, Library Science.

More infectuous hope

I had the most rewarding day on the job I have ever enjoyed thus far. So that's round about 7 years, which I realise makes me wet behind the ears in Librarian time.

But I don't care.

I know a lot of people that come into contact with me wonder why I choose the hard road in life. I stand and fight against impossible odds or I'll fold meekly in a seemingly unpredictable fashion, and certainly in a manner that would lead a cursory examiner to conclude strange things. A lot of it's cultural.

But really, days like this are why I do what I do.

More Higher, More Faster -- Ye Bong Choi

I must sound the same after a while, which is why I'm not terribly partial to blogs. On the other hand, stilling myself to write a proper scholarly article is a bit much for me at the moment.

Therefore, unrefined bs is better than no bs, but not as good as scholarly, or refined, bs.

There's hope.

This is not a rant, nor drivel, nor vanity. I suppose I ought put more effort into it and make it into a proper article or something, but as a somewhat anonymous librarian says "Effort begins with eh."

We work in an awesome Field.

None of this should work.

We do it anyway.

Good stuff happens, bad stuff happens less.

We do work in an awesome field. I know this is chipper, and it's early, but bear with me a bit. Have some coffee or something, grumble your mandatory grumble about the current administration of the US and keep reading.

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