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MLA Intro

MLA Intro

Innovation "Bibliography"

I'm a lazy citer, but I certainly want to try to share good resources as well as credit the folks who richly deserve to have their thoughts separated from my mangled ones.

Open Source Overview

Overview of Open Source:

There are a lot of metaphors for Open Source. One of the most frequently used metaphors is a car metaphor. I've decided to use something nearer and dearer to Library Scientists. Food.

Suppose you went out for a slice of pizza. Let's pretend that when you got to the pizzaria, the front part for the customers was divided in half by a glass partition. Part of the store sold just plain cheese pizza, and this is hard to believe, but the other part of the store was giving away any kind of pizza you wanted.

Koha: Pros and Cons

When I was a little girl, my parents would encourage me to make a long list of pros and cons prior to taking a decision. Now that I'm older (but certainly not yet grown up!) one of the most frequent questions I get about Koha from librarians is "Now really, Brooke, what's wrong with it?" There's a feeling that if it's free, it has to be inferior. This is closely related to Lies Your Vendor Tells You.

But there are issues, and I am in a unique position to genuinely assess the product over a long period of time as well as have an insider's view of some of what happens with the developers.

Kay's Volunteer Manual

Kay Shelton

Revolutionary Ideas for Youth Volunteers in Libraries



Child Ballads

Oh yes, everyone dissed the Google project, but here are the Child Ballads. >:)

First Monday

If you're looking for a journal you don't have to pay for, this is it. Back in Library School someone gave me my first free First Monday hit. You too will experience pain on it not being time for the next release.

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