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From the Oink Oink Bebe Dept.

Ah, Gay Libn Chat, where would I be without ye? <3 Steve.

Some of them aren't, but a lot are. What more do you need for a wee bit of inspiration while crunching scandalously dirty data?

Thanks, Bliz

I'm proud as punch to announce that the Librarian, Kirin Tor, at long last has its Guild Page. It took a mere 19,567 honourable kills to find a single Tauren Priest.

We're the antidote

The shooting in Arizona has been on my mind, and the minds of many others of late, as well it should be. Here's hoping that the victims, the survivors, and their families are well taken care of for the rest of their collective lives.

While the spark of violent political rhetoric has often been referred to, and while it's not necessarily strongly correlated in this instance, I feel like the deeper sinister roots of the problem largely haven't really been addressed.

The Spiral of Storytelling, or Brooke, You're Obtuse.

I was walking the other night with someone I shall term a friend and hope the benefit of the doubt allows me to do so. I was telling more than I strictly should have at the time, so I was chatting in my usual lazy spiral. A few twists here, a few flourishes there to both convey and not the identity of those I was speaking about. My somewhat patient listener mostly comes along with me, in all of my rule breaking glory. At the end of this godsforsaken mess, she says "You have an obtuse manner of speaking."

Think Too Much

Between all of the Patrons and pick up work, we don't seem to have too much time to reflect.

Maybe reading The Diagnosis forced me to mull things over even more lately, but I've always kind of felt like we don't spend enough time with Patrons. One of the most rewarding things about rural Librarianship was not having someone standing about with a whip giving me agita about how much time I spend per Patron.

Shu, Ha, and Ri

First, my apologies if I actually have a readership. The boy's been busy with his schoolwork, so time to write has been short.

I can't help but think over Shu, Ha, and Ri these last few days. I can only imagine it's been brought on by an awesome combination of extra karate and Nonaka and Takeuchi.

Why does scale matter?

This past Friday was the second Friday where I felt like I'd rather not be at woik. This isn't to say I'd rather not work in Libraries, I'd just rather not work in my own.

Granted, like the previous week, I had run hard on Thursday.

But I'm increasingly finding it difficult to pry myself away from shiny larger scale theoretical things for the small pond of my Library. This is strange - my Library overall is not a bad gig.

It's doubly strange when I consider that I'm pretty sure that administration will scale.

Middlesex, an unintended review

So, I'm innocently emailing to and fro. The other end of the line is much heavier on the IQ than I, so I'm trying to put a little spit shine on ye olde reader's advisory.

(Is it easier for you to book talk in bytes? It is for me.)

Here I go, posting stuff I oughtn't. This is the stuff born of flattery.



Two of the lists I'm on that are fantastic for philosophy are GOVDOCS and GAYLIBN, though the droughts between deep thinking oases seem pronounced sometimes. I stick around for moments like these.

Right now on the latter, there's an awesome back and forth on NACO, Authorities, RDA, OPAC display and all sorts of other heavy duty cataloguing junk.

The initial uber relevant list question was something like "Hey, what do we do with trans people's authority records?"

Cogito ergo sum

I can't help but wonder how much we all wonder.

Have we sidelined philosophical discussions to the point of irrelevance?

There are listservs, bulletin board systems, conferences and all sorts of outlets for our musings, but the format I find most comforting is the Library Camp. ( I found out about this year's too late, but I dished with someone that had gone, and it sounded like it lived up to my imaginings.

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