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Fill Out The Freggin' Form

Every now and then, someone writes me a desperate email about not being able to catalogue summat. Every time I get one of those letters, I cringe at my being the last line of defence. Admittedly, I smile a little bit thinking about having that much nerd trust.

So anyway, here and there when I help folks out, I stumble on crappy LoC records. It's bound to happen. I've heard war stories from actual cataloguers about some real Duesies. I went to a happy Library School, and will happily pass on what they taught me.

There's a form to fill out in these unfortunate cases.

Up All Blacks!

I'm certain some of you are wondering what happens when you wear an All Blacks rugby jersey about town in the States. Anyone looks smart in this kit, even me, so the first thing to do is go buy some.

It should come with a warning label.

Warning: Wearing this kit will attract every Kiwi within a 5 mile radius. Proceed with extreme caution.

People I've never met before, and usually don't see a second time, will come out, vigorously shake me hand, ask if I'm from eNZed, and then do or say summat extra nice and be off to presumably do good elsewhere.

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