collection development

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Eradicate Nasty Statistics

I was watching lefty media today, and they cited a pretty forkin' high unemployment rate for veterans. I nearly whistled and thought "Wow, that's getting on obnoxiously bad given one's not on the reservation."

I'm a Librarian, though, and like a good little Librarian, I went and skittered over to politifact and bls to double check. Yep, pretty hideous. Also, the former had freggin' nothing. (Surely there must be a whole heap of folks lying about veteran's employment. I will blame my bad search skills. #reasonsIamnotareferenceLibrarian.)

Deciphering the Opera

Collection development is often a challenge. There's a perpetual tug of war between acquisition of popular items we know will circulate and rounding out the classics. When one ventures into music collection development, this is even harder. Most daunting of all can be starting anew, which often happens with music and gaming.

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