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Deciphering the Opera

Collection development is often a challenge. There's a perpetual tug of war between acquisition of popular items we know will circulate and rounding out the classics. When one ventures into music collection development, this is even harder. Most daunting of all can be starting anew, which often happens with music and gaming.

Why, Yes, I am that cheap. (Or Variable Pricing still isn't. Shocker.)

Part of the disease that infects Librarians is the desire to ferret out information, even if doing so might be quite silly and technically inefficient.

I crawled out from under my rock just long enough to be in the car with the boy. It just so happened that I heard a song that I liked over the radio. Thanks to my super cool Prius having the ability to tell me what the heck I was listening to I made a note to check into it later.

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