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Budget Fail

"I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find that gambling is going on in here!"

The little mister laid that one on me early in the morning. I am morbidly intrigued by Albany Public HeLl since they so continuously take the wrong decision it runs close to statistically impossible. Library school students, take note! Don't do what these guys do!

On Defence Contractors and Revisionist History

Progressive Technology Federal Systems, a large defence contractor doing business as PTFS (presumably since it sounds smaller that way) decided to sidle on in to the Koha scene about a couple of years ago. (Here's a link if you don't believe that they're a defence contractor. If you don't believe that they're large, Hoover them.)

At the time they came to town, folks thought "Great!" We welcome new folks. A new set of hands is a good thing.

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