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RealID is ruinin' mah research

One of the nicest things about World of Warcraft is that you've a certain degree of anonymity. If you're researching, who knows who you're talking to? It isn't unusual to catch fellow researchers conducting surveys. These vary from gender studies, to psychology, to sociology, and any number of different topics. I tend to like WoW for my ability to make plenty of virtual mistakes that I can avoid in real life.

On Intimacy: Or Why I’m a Social Networking Luddite

Are you sitting down? Good.

I am not on the Facebook.

You heard me.

I’m proud.

Still seated?

I don’t have a mobile, either.

Twitter? Pfft. Fair play to ye, Lewis Black.

My stalwart band of merry friends weathers these oddities (and many, many more) valiantly. They’ve heard me remark endlessly that I’ve skipped a few generations and I’m really a Boomer in disguise.

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