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Copywrongs - Our Own Field

Scarily, folks have occasionally invited me to speak or contribute writings.

This has led to a scary amount of paperwork in paper form related to copyright. Some of it quick, easy, logical, and non restrictive (Thanks MLA and Code4Lib) and reams of scary paperwork from ALA.

Think Too Much

Between all of the Patrons and pick up work, we don't seem to have too much time to reflect.

Maybe reading The Diagnosis forced me to mull things over even more lately, but I've always kind of felt like we don't spend enough time with Patrons. One of the most rewarding things about rural Librarianship was not having someone standing about with a whip giving me agita about how much time I spend per Patron.

Ender's Game + Ender's Shadow = Homophobic Litany

Folks are in a tizzy from Orson Scott Card getting the Edwards award from YALSA.

They should be.

However, the whys of why they should be have been contorted.

I can't help but wonder how many people read things in their entirety or even carefully scan before they go commenting about them.

First, folks are seriously misconstruing the rules YALSA uses in determining the Edwards.


This is *not* an endorsement of someone's life.

To Each His Own

I'm a big fan of This Film is Not Yet Rated. As much as we're meant to be robotically neutral arbiters of the Truth, I foisted that baby on a good many of my Patrons. They were thankful for it.

In today's Times, there's a great article.


I agree wholeheartedly.

Is the jig up? Are folks more receptive than our Field might be willing to admit?


It's getting to be Western New Year.

Traditionally, folks make resolutions that they break later on in the year.

We know we're going to break em, but we make em anyway. This is good. This is much better than not bothering to try and be better.

So, as I am given to preach, here I go.

If you get the chance this year to pull someone up to you, please do so.

I was having a conversation with my Maths Doctor Friend Donna. Donna is great. Our relationship has really morphed and grown and done extraordinary things over the years.

Shu, Ha, and Ri

First, my apologies if I actually have a readership. The boy's been busy with his schoolwork, so time to write has been short.

I can't help but think over Shu, Ha, and Ri these last few days. I can only imagine it's been brought on by an awesome combination of extra karate and Nonaka and Takeuchi.

Mmmmmmm Cataloguing

So I went to this here jigger in me best cataloguing disguise


Amusing was that they referred to me and did so as "from the Guggenheim". I wish. I of course corrected that with the proviso that I would certainly entertain offers of employment from the Guggenheim. (Who wouldn't)

Anyway, this was awesome. It was awesomely awesome.

I expected there to be like 3 guys in a room at the top of the DuBois. It's cataloguing. Cataloguing is, as a schoolie once said "the broccoli of Library Science."

What Makes a Classic a Classic

Driving drives me to think. I've a long commute. Such things are not good for society.

Anyway, as is often the case, I was cruising along and a sticky problem from years back rattled to the front of my head.

(Sticky problems have a nasty rattling tendency. Easy problems get solved and out of my head rapidly, thus making room for beer. So we needs handle sticky problems for their obstructive properties.)

So, I'm innocently behind the wheel thinking on the aboutness of classics and what makes a classic a classic.

Why does scale matter?

This past Friday was the second Friday where I felt like I'd rather not be at woik. This isn't to say I'd rather not work in Libraries, I'd just rather not work in my own.

Granted, like the previous week, I had run hard on Thursday.

But I'm increasingly finding it difficult to pry myself away from shiny larger scale theoretical things for the small pond of my Library. This is strange - my Library overall is not a bad gig.

It's doubly strange when I consider that I'm pretty sure that administration will scale.

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