More Higher, More Faster -- Ye Bong Choi

I must sound the same after a while, which is why I'm not terribly partial to blogs. On the other hand, stilling myself to write a proper scholarly article is a bit much for me at the moment.

Therefore, unrefined bs is better than no bs, but not as good as scholarly, or refined, bs.

My mind, circular or hopefully spiral thing it is, keeps traveling closer back to the point it's visited in past. In this case, I can't grasp why no one else seems willing to have another go at something if there is failure the first time. Or worse, why we bulk at large tasks, yet are collaborative in our nature as Librarians. I know this is Zipfy in nature, but shouldn't we be in open revolt of Zipf?

I see people give up on, or allocate sparse time to, those things we know innately to have the most meaning. (Massachusetts tends not to do this too often, BTW, which is why Massachusetts is a Cool Place to Work.)

If one can't readily assign a definition to a concept but encounters that beast in everyday work, than that concept warrants a little think about. This isn't Truthiness (though I'm sure that's an entry waiting to happen) but rather the lack of drive to address sticky problems. For instance Salary or more complex than that Scattering. Or better still adapting a worthwhile Mission Statement that truly speaks of what we offer to Patrons.

If something is too hard for one mind, why is it too large for a committee? If it is too large for a committee, why is it too hard for the State or the Nation or the Field?

If we have something to gain, and very little to lose, try it. We have A LOT to gain from trying to define hard concepts, and very little to lose. (Again, staff time is fuzzy math to me. We're getting paid whether or not we work as salaried employees, therefore if time is slow, we ought be reading, or better, thinking. Not all the time granted, but if we ain't got nothing to do. Again, us rural folks have more time to think. Admit it.)

Yes, yes, I know that resources are tight. This is actually a fairly decent argument to not revisit things that have failed in the past with immediacy. However, as great at we are at record keeping, we seem not to keep record of why things went wrong out of the fear of the 9 Headed Politically Inexpedient Ὕδρα.

Our Ιόλαος in this not quite cleansing, though Miss Manners mumming is organisational historical knowledge. If through our impolite poking about we find our symptoms are no longer relevant, we ought try again in a different fashion (or perhaps the same fashion with different circumstances...)

So, happily I find myself getting to tread close to the White Fire of Innovation, try and squint into its Light and dissemble its pieces. I don't think I'll grasp it and be able to do that, but I think I can get close and possibly pen it in. I can't help but feel like I'm on a unicorn hunt with no virgin. But I persist. They gave him a real go that first try. There were casualties, but hey, that's life.

And my Grandmaster's words have been haunting me a lot these past few weeks. When everyone is putting you to the test kick, "More higher, More faster."

Giving up is for the dead.