No Soup for You!

Sooooo, I'm kicking around looking at Stuff today. The subject of the PLA core services and roles for public libraries comes up.

So I think "Self! I haven't read the new one yet, I bet I should."

Clickety click, over to the PLA website.

And then I beat a hasty retreat to Google, since you can't actually use the PLA website to find what you want. (It wasn't like that a couple years ago, I swear. I guess ALA cooties must have hopped the wall.)

Anyhow, Google turns up some preliminary planning results.

Then I see that the new stuff happened at New Orleans, so I'm not too terribly behind. Comments closed last winter or so. No big deal. It's looking great so far.

So I keep slogging through.

And that's when I find that the thing is in PDF.

But you have to pay for it.


For folks that believe in Freedom of Information and are supposedly Anti Censorship, why, oh why, do we charge each other for professional literature in this day and age? Can't we stick a paypal button on that for donations with a suggested minimum donation?

Call me crazy, but isn't this just the sort of thing, having been derived from member feedback, that maybe ought to be fully and easily and freely accessible on the web? Aren't we applying an old publishing model to the modern day? (And kind of bodging it at that?)

I realise well that studies cost money. I also realise membership is not free. (And wonder at this, too. If we're complaining about lack of involvement in the professional arena, shouldn't membership be way cheap?)

As a hardcopy, _if_ Libraries buy it, I bet it ends up either uncatalogued someplace in the breakroom, it gets catalogued, but ends up in a Regional depository, or perhaps dorks like me buy it.

I'm guessing as a set of core services to Libraries, we might, just might, want all Public Libraries to adapt them as standards.