X Box Fitness

As in Animal Farm, all workouts are equal, but some are more equal than others.

As I've been slogging through the X Box fitness workouts, I've been impressed with some trainers, while being a bit surprised with others.



I hold a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I'm a brown belt in Karate. So it was very natural for me to pick the MOSSA workout. Not so great was the X Box crashing on me with about 5 minutes left in the workout.

I liked this instructor for his motivational speech. I also thought that the sensitivity on the Kinect camera was good, which kept my cheating to a minimum. There wasn't a distraction in terms of camera angle, either. I could always see both the high impact trainer and the low impact trainer as well as the main trainer.

This workout included water breaks. My flat is tiny so the Kinect often pitches a fit when I go and get water, but it does pick me back up again.

I felt like the stamps I earnt were relative to the workout.


I'm a fan of the 10 minute Beachbody workouts. If you don't have enough time or motivation for a 20 or 30 minute option, this is better than naught.


Anything Jillian Michaels. She's just dangerous. Nuff said.


I am *not* a dancer. The build on this is FAR too fast and steep for a first time participant. I expected the workout to be hard in terms of cardio, not choreography. There is zero transition time built in to the routine, so you lose points as you try desperately to learn new moves.

Kinect sensitivity is not good for most things. There's a lot of leeway for cheaters. You can usually do the exercise entirely wrong as long as it detects heat.

I *definitely* got my cardio in. That's great. 0 water breaks for a long session. Not good.

This trainer was good in terms of motivation, and I wish that her end speech were shifted to the warm up portion of the tape.

At about 35-40 minutes, this is one of the longer workouts. Despite getting 4 stars and beating the average, I got one measly card stamp.

The camera on this is meant to get the entire class, but the panning is TERRIBAD. Not only can you not see the low impact trainer for most of the workout, the camera is often elsewhere when the trainer is trying to highlight the alternatives.

I'm looking forward to having more of a selection in future. I definitely feel like there has been steady progress made in fitness and gaming over the last few years.