X Box Stop Sucking

From the folks that brought you Windows 8, adventures in how the fuck do I get anything done at work anymore, comes the X Box One.

Straight out of the box, this things starts trawling for personal information. You'd think they might decide NOT to do this considering the entry price is a couple hundred more for the standard console than it was last time.

This thing is just chock a block with anti features. I definitely anticipated a few of these from Microsoft. There are tonnes. There's a power button on the controller for instance. I'm sure this will be a plus in the long run for battery life, but it was hardly plug and play.

And about actually playing. Account creation is a nightmare. I don't want to enter my email to play a game. I definitely don't want to enter an alternate email, too. Nor do I want to verify things. And oh, by the way, if you're using Firefox and a Mac, or presumably anything that's not a Windows machine, good luck with the whole verification process.

I have a tiny flat, so I anticipated the kinect not working wonderfully. Surprisingly, once I get it to realise that I'm waving my hands in the air like a Republican spin doctor, it does sort of respond. I expect that watching movies on Netflix will now constitute aerobic activity. From what the forums say, though, this is a Netflix UI issue and not an X Box problem. I can definitely see that line of thought, since Netflix has rolled out terrible UI after terrible UI.

Bottom line, if Microsoft wants one experience to bind them all, they need to do a LOT more testing and a lot more work on things that aren't desktops or cellphones. Trying to select tiny things with your hands through the kinect, having to say things like "Unsnap" (not intuitive and not well documented!), and having to jump through hoops most circus troops would wrestle with is most unfun. I'm sure in future I'll find that things are great as I get used to the feel of things, but man this is an initial drag.