How being a Librarian saved me several hundred dollars

Many times when we're faced with having to justify our costs, we can't come up with concrete examples of how our research skills save our Patrons money.

For a lot of us, research is fun. It's an egg hunt. We're racing the clock of a Patron's patience while trying desperately to get them the most accurate information possible. I like to think that I excel when it comes to consumer information and travel.

When the little mister wanted a tent, I sprang into action. It had been a long time since I bought a tent. I knew there was a kind I could toss and it would set itself up midair. I also knew that he'd be claustrophobic in a wee dome tent. After about an hour and a half of booting round the Internet, I had a good working vocabulary which allowed me to search more finely.

I settled on a Lightspeed Compound. Where most people would have quit here and mailed it in at Amazon, the price was way high. I noticed a review that seconded my hunch. They recommended the manufacturer's site. Sure enough, this was a couple hundred dollars lower including shipping.

Just as I was about to jump at that price, I remembered While this wasn't helpful, a last minute Google shotgun search for "Lightspeed coupon" turned up a kid's football fundraiser on Facebook. Was the code any good? Yes, yes it was. :)

I am rarely paid a hundred or more an hour, so the couple of hours of reading reviews and getting that cost down from a list price of about $629 to $174.99 was a big deal to me. Being high and dry in a rain storm for one of our weekends of camping, and seeing my husband's head no where near the roof of the tent sealed the deal.

Happy hunting!