Hats off to the Red Cross


Sheer and utter panic.

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm not meant to, but I didn't foresee myself being in a Red Cross challenge situation. I thought I was signing this fat olde lady up for a nice leisurely stroll through CPR FPR land. Unconscious victim with a panicking significant other? No problem! The prospect of failing a written test? DEFCON4!!!

Alas, my leisurely stroll through CPR FPR land was not to be. I thanked my stars once again for having good olde Professor in University that gave me a full length Water Safety Instructor's Course. What I did anticipate was being surrounded by people half my age (and sometimes worse.) What I did not anticipate was a distinct lack of the well written course training materials I was used to.

The rumour mill was turning a mile a minute on the gos that most everyone failed the last written exam.

Crap and double crap.

Knowing that my time was too short to call by the Library, I went to the Red Cross website


Oh pleasant surprise! Oh happy day!

I *know* I'm an olde lady. I know that the grand children of my initial certifications are probably olde enough to vote now. I *desperately* needed to sure up my geek cred and more importantly feel confidant in my emergency procedures so that, oh, aedunno I could save someone's life in the event that I had to do so.

Luckily for me, their ebooks are FABULOUS.


Hey, there are pictures. :D

What's that, there's a little noise that alerts me to an important chapter heading?

But wait, there's more! If you have to leave off, there's a feature that remembers what page you were reading and asks you if you'd like to pick up at the right spot!

This is just as brilliant, concise, and clear as I recall the olde paper versions. Immediately available to cramming students. What more could you want? :D