It's Weird to be in the 1%

I started a guild in World of Warcraft years ago to prove that the crux of public Library sentiment: that anyone at anytime could learn anything applied to online gaming. One of my early childhood memories was being so wrapped up in getting Lode Runner on the family's C64. I was about 4 lines from the promised land when my father yanked the cord since he rightly considered that long at the computer to be unhealthy. It was an irreplaceable lesson in saving one's work frequently at a formative age, too.

So it was only natural that when Diablo III tempted folks with a real money auction house that a copy would grace my screen. I have often virtually booted about World of Warcraft making the claim that I'm the Warren Buffett of WoW. Sure, there are people that have way more WoW gold, but for someone that casually plays the WoW auction house and casually raids, I have a heck of a lot of the stuff. So the big hypothesis:

Would the skills I learnt in WoW translate to Diablo III?

On the surface, this looks like a seriously easy to answer and perhaps even silly to ask question. But the interface is different. Diablo is very clicky in comparison to WoW. (I've always been one of the dreaded WoW clickers. I've also NOT been a play by Macro person, which I think has given me a distinct advantage in Diablo.) Diablo does not sport add ons as you can with WoW.

The biggest difference by far is the online community in WoW versus Diablo. WoW is fairly friendly across most servers. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of trolls, but they tend to be outnumbered by nice players on most Realms. This is far from the case in Diablo. There's very little chatter, and a large percentage of what is there very much reminds me of IRC back in the warez heyday.

Between Azmodan and Belial, I feel very comfortable in saying that Diablo just sports new flavours of poop one shouldn't stand in. As soon as I saw the daemon blood on the Azmodan fight I thought to myself "Oh shite! Defile! RUN AWAY!!!!" (Heck, I might have even thought that in Portugues since my first LK clear was with a guild over vent in that language.) I received the look of death from the little mister on clearing Belial on the second try. He had been grinding it for hours to no success since he was "doing it right".

So while they aren't precisely the same game, I feel safe saying that there is a fair comparison. I do think that my WoW skills translated, and it's in a very similar fashion to sport. For instance, I had karate skills that transferred to fencing, but there are diminishing returns on that. The only way to get better at anything is to practice that particular thing, and not summat really close. However, being aware of things that are close opens your mind to alternatives that someone with blinders on will miss. This is the observation behind noticing that running my guild in WoW was very good preparation and experience for running a Library in the real world.

The purpose of my play is also substantially different in Diablo than WoW. I want to make a profit. I was out to do so from square one. But I had this nagging little yardstick in the back of my head. Was there still zero unemployment in Diablo? Was what the lads said about women and gaming going to bear true? Would I excel?

I was thrilled when this came out:

So much so, that I felt the need to be an extra elitist and go for an early achievement that virtually no one else would have. The gold farmers that were larger pros wouldn't want to. The pro gamers probably wouldn't feel the need. About a half hour later (thank you Nephalem valour for letting me gauge how much of my life I'm wasting XD) I had my Naked Lust achievement and a sense of accomplishment.