Let's Get Physical

I've been torturing myself on the ergometer lately. Hopefully my trainer thinks I'm dead, because I want to surprise him at the end of the month by making Concept2's challenge.


Yeah, yeah, this is a Library Science blog. I'm getting to it. :)

It's not possible to conventionally read and row. You've a handle in both yer hands. You're sweating bullets and trying not to pull yer back. I couldn't even manage to listen to mah iPod and do a 5,000 without crimping the headphones under mah seat. (Get an armband!)

So I give in to the side of me that people are constantly tapping. The inner quant that desires a coming out story. (I always manage to stuff this part of me back into its box.) My pleasure in watching numbers tick down and dividing those numbers by time. I long for the days when 7 other people were torturing themselves to the rhythm of a coxswain's refrain.

Rowing time is quality Library Science thought time.

So it's in this disgusting amount of sweat that I get to thinking that the periodical selection at the otherwise awesome local recreation centre SUCKS. One of the days when the rower was occupied, I went to read one of the Motor Trends and was downright depressed to see that it was more than a year old. Pffft. Where's the Public Library partnership when ye need it? I was fortunate enough to grow up in a town with a lake that sported a paperback exchange sponsored by the Library. Every now and then they'd give the community beach their paperback castoffs and beach goers would enjoy a spot on the lake with their spot of reading. Win - win. :D

Then I thought

"Sheesh. I bet all of the other Librarians slavishly track all of their exercise progress, but I'll blog about the tools later anyway."

This Penny Arcade says it all:




I hate to track progress outside of Concept2's logbook. Even there I'm not a fan, but I like to see that I draw ever nearer 1m metres and I can't resist it. Also, swag. I'm a sucker for swag.

I'd prolly like Fitocracy, but I shy away from it because I'm still a while off being willing to track all or even most of my exercise lest it become unfun. The little mister is hooked. He has slimmed substantially as he earns his real life cheevos. I'm losing a quality Library Guild contributor to RL.

At first he preferred Runkeeper.


As a prickly gimp, that name was enough to turn me off. Add the GPS to it, no thank you. On the other hand, I know how cool some people find these tools, so I've written about them.

I'm not yet brave enough for Gym-pact.