Up All Blacks!

I'm certain some of you are wondering what happens when you wear an All Blacks rugby jersey about town in the States. Anyone looks smart in this kit, even me, so the first thing to do is go buy some.

It should come with a warning label.

Warning: Wearing this kit will attract every Kiwi within a 5 mile radius. Proceed with extreme caution.

People I've never met before, and usually don't see a second time, will come out, vigorously shake me hand, ask if I'm from eNZed, and then do or say summat extra nice and be off to presumably do good elsewhere.

I can only imagine that it's packing an even better effect of late since they are winning in the Rugby World Cup at the moment.

Proving once again that LOC has one of absolutely everything packed away someplace, they produced a Kiwi. Her colleague, unintentionally awkwardly, asked if I supported the All Blacks, though that was not his turn of phrase. Taking the surreptitious advice of a friend from Oz given through World of Warcraft whispers over her slip based on Druidic spellcraft, I didn't repeat the seemingly safe slang and was rewarded for indicating that I did support the All Blacks. A delightful but short mihi ensued.

As you've doubtlessly put together by now, there is very little point to this post. I shall slightly redeem meself by adding that if you've got the chance, get to a lecture at LOC, in especial if it happens to have a little reception afterwards. I joked with one of the other participants about feeling as if we were participating in forbidden rituals since we found ourselves in a glorious AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY thing that I would call an oubliette but clearly had windows and a proper door along with some stunning architectural detail. Tread off the path both in dress and in essence.