You're out for a drive. Wind in your hair, nice open country road ahead of you. Before you know it, you miss that damn sign, and there's no turn about for miles. With a rude driver behind ye, you'll never know what the bloody thing said.

Hopefully this will become less of a problem now :D

Kick on over to

It's far from compleat just yet, but there are areas that are quite detailed. If we all start with our neck of the woods, this will make one heck of a tool for folks that are homebound, school kids doing projects, and folks that are just morbidly curious about history.

There are high quality pictures of the markers themselves, precise coordinates of the signs, and good google mashups that let you really get a feel for what's where and when. While the search and indexing is a bit clunky, this is a great resource as it is, and it immediately made me think "I need to go blog about this."