A Freeborn Man of the Traveling People

I grew wistful for a bit of the great American motoring tradition the other day, and I had cause to visit a far away friend. This saw me on the highway for a staggering amount of time, and between him and I was the Library I booted about in high school. Ah the fond memories of intentional misuse of the card catalogue for dating purposes.

"Pardon me, you seem to have my drawer. Would you mind sharing?" Our heads or hands would sometimes touch, and that would be the beginning of yet another beautiful friendship. Stupid OPACs.

Mind you, retrospectively, a lot of their policies were less than Patron centric. However, as Library Gossip Queen, I know through the grapevine that their sucky ex duhrector was like to blame for much of my opinion. Indeed, that one ended up paired perfectly with the crummy board of a wee Upstate New York Library...

Anyhow, "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers". Being a luddite, I don't have a mobile, nor do I want one. I currently don't have a lappy. I've ever enjoyed coming up with creative alternatives on the road. Borrowing someone's phone or internet connection builds character, grants you a good story, and introduces ye to someone new. (I don't even want to think on how badly those items are actually needed in less developed areas.) So I shy away from having me own stuff right now.

Let me just say, free Internet access at the Library is not a given. A lot of people feel the need to password or Patron barcode protect their terminals. From what or whom I'll never know, but this little bar to access has often meant a missed social outing for me, or a wrong turn on the road, or what not.

Props to the East Brunswick Public Library for not currently having this barrier. After causing the information desk Librarian to chuckle at the mention of where the Reference Department used to be in that Library, I happily settled into a terminal, satiated my unfettered communications addiction, and got back on the road again refreshed. It turned out to be the only quality time I had with a computer in a number of days this go.