Eradicate Nasty Statistics

I was watching lefty media today, and they cited a pretty forkin' high unemployment rate for veterans. I nearly whistled and thought "Wow, that's getting on obnoxiously bad given one's not on the reservation."

I'm a Librarian, though, and like a good little Librarian, I went and skittered over to politifact and bls to double check. Yep, pretty hideous. Also, the former had freggin' nothing. (Surely there must be a whole heap of folks lying about veteran's employment. I will blame my bad search skills. #reasonsIamnotareferenceLibrarian.)

I propose a two pronged attack. First, hire indigenous people to staff your desks. I love that this is the case in New Zealand. You will probably kill two birds with one stone and end up hiring a vet at the same time. You should have seen the tent at this job fair - sodexho. Hooray! The folks that were just getting shot at sure want to work in a hotel or a cafeteria someplace.

Beef up your collections in American Indian literature if you're on Turtle Island, your local First Nation elsewhere. Cuts some of the sting out of unemployment, educates *everyone*, and helps preserve culture. Sounds pretty on mission to me. :)