The Word of the Day

Use the C word, Luke.

If you want to force push your representative into supporting your Library, you must use the C word.

A lot.

Think kindergarten levels of repetition.

The C word?


If you don't believe me about the weight of this word, sit down, watch the news, and count how many times you hear a politician use it. Speak their language.

Libraries serve *everyone*. They are bipartisan in nature. We are not niche arts programmes, we are a social safety net and the nation's think tank.

That phone call chart on their wall might not have "Library Funding" very high on the hash list, but that'd change overnight the second they think of shutting us down.

Sit down with them, preferably *not* right before budget time, and talk to them about this. Bring a Library card for them in their name all ready to be filled up. Bonus points if you get an older member and say the words "What legacy would you like to leave?"

Ornery member? Wait for the next guy.

Do NOT wait a second if a new member arrives on the scene! If you show up from the start, you'll get a meaningful relationship instead of the nod and smile you get on Library Legislative day.

Thank AND spank. We are very good at the first. However, I'm tired of Librarians giving photo ops to members that do not support Libraries. No shoot for you!