Information Dynamics of Betrayal

Osama is dead, thank the light.

I can't help but wonder how it got to that, though.

What is it that turns a heart from bitter to right? There was an interesting NPR talk on Loyalty: The Vexing Virtue

it doesn't hurt that I'm reading the Other Queen, too.

I point out that I've seemingly always walked a tightrope between greatness and infamy. The latter makes for very strange bedfellows and great storytelling. As I've run into those on the left road, I've tried to help pull them up.

I can't help but think back to a number of years ago at a Midwinter that I crashed. A swoop and I were discussing torture and how incredibly ineffective it was at drawing out good information. Great inquisitors make someone on the other side of the fence volunteer information because they *want* to please you.

But what about smaller instances? This is information after all. What about an anonymous tip here and there - the sort of thing that makes a courier spill the beans. Is it what we see in one another? Is it the prick of conscience?

They tell us in fundraising that guilt is a bad motivator and to shoot for altruism. They also say that what a Patron checks out is none of our damn beeswax. Do we interfere if we suspect a pattern? Do we occasionally sacrifice privacy and education in favour of enrichment?