Ergonomics on the Cheap

Aedunno about you, but when I inherited my last Library, our chairs were well beyond shabby. I found some cheap Staples replacements at the time and called it a day.

If I knew then what I know now.

Bear in mind that some of your traditional suit and skirt set will *freak out* if you propose this, so some of your staff are bound to cling to their normalcy.

Show em this, and mebbe they'll change their tune:

But what am I proposing?

Replace some chairs with balls.

Yep. Balls.

Do a search for yoga ball, exercise ball, or balance ball. Shell out the grand total of like $20, and go to town.

I'm sitting on a 75cm one right this second, and am happy as a clam. I am a traditionally built woman, and most folks in the field that I meet are smaller than me, so have no fear ladies. It will not pop. (If mine does, I'll tell you what I did to it.) This is technically big enough for the little mister, and I have seen him use it. Fine it's technically his altogether but I stole it.

It's got to be funny looking, but I like my bouncy ball a lot more than the prospect of a standing workstation. I've lived with a disability my whole life so walking can be unpleasant, and I imagine standing all day would be the same murder on me it once was. I used to work in restaurants for the love of cookery. If you decide to stand, do a nice search for restaurant mat. That ought to make your standing workstation a wee bit better.