Shameless Busking, or give Horowhenua Library Trust 2M NZD and I'll stop. (Even if it's $10 at a time!)

Horowhenua Library Trust being politely restrained, yet cutting edge innovators do not suffer from tall poppy syndrome at all. So they would never utter the following, but the following is true:

We owe them.

It wasn't enough that they did the Library and Information Science field a solid with taking the hit on Koha when no one else was brave enough to take their catalogue into the then uncharted open source waters. Us chickens stood on the sidelines, mouths agape, fascinated to see if the experiment would work. It worked spectacularly. If you've ever been jealous and yet some how unable to run Koha, now's the time to show your support.

"But wait, there's more!"

Brought to you from the people that originated understatement of the proportions of "How hard can it be?" enter Kete. A "collaboration engine" it's like a giant flickr, blogspot, youtube, meetup, napster, facebook thing without all of the proprietary nastiness. It's like they went to the social networking candy store and said "Hmmm. Can't decide, one of each, please." The power of the people documented an environmental challenge and stopped a crummy proposal in its tracks thanks to this tool. Genealogists, rejoice, a local cemetery is right before your very eyes thanks to this jobbie.

Two great pieces of software, no cost to you. All from this relatively small town at the world's end. In a tiny, but cool country at the end of the world. According to the population stats over at the CIA World Fact Book, we outnumber Kiwis 72.94 to 1. I don't think those folks should have to work roughly 73x harder to get kharmic payback. Incidentally, if you're in the States, the exchange rate is quite good at .7712. So, slightly inflate what you would have forked over, since you have more than you thought you did. Also, PayPal and the credit card companies still ding charities for a cut, so they need that extra bit.

If you're in Alpha Phi Omega, and are lookin' to give away some of your hard earned dough, fork it over to these guys. They embody our principles.

Let's give them the fastest Library Building Drive ever. They richly deserve it. Follow the link to JoAnn Ransom's blog, click on the wee PayPal button.