Okay, Yesterday Was Just TOO Cute...

My Children's Librarian is on vacation this week (how DARE she have a private life, I tell her, yet she went anyway), so I had to take over Summer Reading this week. Blandford is a very small town, maybe 1200 residents, so it's not like we're cavorting in lotsa money or huge programs. We have maybe twelve or fifteen regulars to Summer Reading, which is a HUGE crew for us (space space space).

The theme this summer is Music, and the theme this week is Marching Bands, which is probably Mojo's least favorite music. (Why couldn't I sub during Ella Fitzgerald week? What? They don't HAVE Ella Fitzgerald week? What on EARTH are we TEACHING these kids, then? But I digress.)

After pondering my limited options for the whole preceding week in the morning I was suddenly hit with Ye Olde Make Your Own Instruments inspiration. Which required me to throw the established curriculum out the window, naturally. I dashed to the supermarket for combs for kazoos ("dash" is such a relative term--it's almost a half hour one way, when you live out in the sticks) and ransacked our dusty attic for supplies. All put together in the span of an hour or two.

The result was Blandford's first Improvisational Marching Band, and (possibly coupled with my insistence that they had to make as much noise as possible both inside and outside the library, as well as shrieked exhortations that they were expected to "wake the neighbors!") it was a rousing success if I do say so myself. And wouldn't ya know it, this week was the week the photographer for the local paper showed up to take pictures. I will post them when (and if) I find them.

Programs on a shoe string. Just one of the many joys of rural librarianship....