20070626 Loriene Roy's Inauguration Speech

Loriene Roy:

June = the strawberry month
acknowledged the traditional owners of this land and honored the people who came before us
we have words for our relationships with each other – dreamer, tribe, clan, nation
phrases that express what we hope to work towards for the next year and the future
dreamers and predictor – young people are encouraged to find their dreams
a year of celebrating community, collaboration, and culture
the dream we are already experiencing
3 realms:
- workplace wellness; connectedness with indigenous cultures; workplace wellness task force
- possible collaborators include NLSM and LiveStrong
- Circle of Literacy
- highlight library services for immigrants, incarcerated users, indigenous children
- “Gathering of Readers”: NLW 2008; potential collaborators – indigenous organizations/publishers; PBS series in 2009
- supporting LIS culture through practice
- connect students with practitioners; potential collaborators include ALISE, ALA’s COE, graduate classes
Platforms guided by indigenous and international people
Platform outcomes - tangibles/expressions – products, publications, programs, collaborations
- National Oral History Program (reitring librarians
- National Library Camp Feasibility Study
- Meeting effectiveness Training (podcasts)
Dreamcatchers in the program and on our tables (these were made by her mother)
were hung on cradle wards of babies so bad dreams would evaporate at dawn
let us bring out powers together to accomplish our dreams for ourselves
gave these away to one person at each table with a sticker under their plate - “this is as close as we’ll get to gaming tonight”
Showed two clips from the “We Shall Remain” PBS series that will debut next year