New "AL Focus" Website and Videos

Here's another thing I've been dying to blog about from work - say hello to AL Focus, the new video arm of American Libraries magazine. You've seen some teaser videos during the last couple of months, but now you can also watch a new series we're calling "The ALA Wheel of Confusion," all on the new site. Here's the first one.

All of ALA's videos will be aggregated on the AL Focus site, and you can create an account on it (unfortunately separate from other ALA logins, but someday...) if you want to rate or comment on videos, as well as create playlists. You can also grab the embed code if you want to display a video on your own site. We're still posting the files on our account in case you prefer that site or have an existing blip login.

Important stuff in no particular order:

Thanks to the ALA staff members who played along with our little game (and whom we hope to play with in the future), as well as the ones who have been game for the interview series ALA in Focus. More to come in this series and others.