Who I Am

Who I Am

Just what gives me the right to stand up here and lecture, anyway?


I was the Director of the Hinsdale Public Library for four and a half years. If you've not been a small rural Library Director, you're missing out, particularly on baked goods. During my tenure there, I snuck onto the Executive Board of the Regional Library System, and even the State Aid Review Committee, while they weren't looking.

I have an A in killing people, though the United States Army and University at Albany would rather I state that I took a military science class through the Reserve Officers' Training Corps programme, I imagine. It was my pleasure to be granted permission to join the Ranger Club at the time.

I have two level 70 World of Warcraft Characters. Thurilla, a dwarf hunter, was my first character, on the Ravencrest server. Conañ, a human warrior, lives his days out on the Kirin Tor server, after Beth Galloway told me that she played there.

It is interesting to note that it took me about the same amount of time to grow acclimated to Library Administration as it did to grow comfortable with Guild Administration.

My opinions are my own and should not be taken as official views of ALA or any of their subsidiary round tables, nor of Verizon, their sponsor.