Why I selected this topic

We've studied gaming as it relates to children's and teens, (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/06/books/06games.html?pagewanted=1) and perhaps how it even relates to gender and perception (http://www.psychologicalscience.org/journals/index.cfm?journal=ps&conten...), but there is much to be gleaned that's very relevant for management. You can learn a lot from mistakes, and they are plentiful in virtual reality. Making them doesn’t impact your bottom line here. So play!

Gamers are a lot like Librarians. We share a love of independence. The more that I played World of Warcraft, the more I noticed similarities between administration in real life and virtual realms.

When I was a Library School student, I suffered through my administration course. Someplace along the line, whether in reading or receiving instruction, I learned about what I call the 4 Ps of Library Administration. I synthesized them this way to make them easy for a friend of mine to cram for his Director's Interview. Those fields are

Public Relations

More than any other area of administration, this MMORPG addresses personnel. That's fortunate to me since it's the hardest to handle in real life due to the complexity of interpersonal relationships. The only P that's left out in World of Warcraft is Plant, and arguably an intrepid gamer can learn that from City of Heroes or another MMORPG.