Think Too Much

Between all of the Patrons and pick up work, we don't seem to have too much time to reflect.

Maybe reading The Diagnosis forced me to mull things over even more lately, but I've always kind of felt like we don't spend enough time with Patrons. One of the most rewarding things about rural Librarianship was not having someone standing about with a whip giving me agita about how much time I spend per Patron.

I've also wondered about conferences. Have we priced folks out? I went to a small Conference lately that seemed in line with some tenets I've thought on since hearing about Library camp. It was small, which lent to meeting new people. It was only a day, which would have included folks that couldn't afford a hotel stay, not to mention the costs for coverage at a small Library.

The raffle at the conference went towards defraying costs for paraprofessionals at the State Conference. National Conferences are probably always going to stay above a certain pricepoint - they have to be held in major cities to fit all of the participants and metropoli cost $. I just shudder when things at a smaller level copy a larger.

I hope to see Library Camps take off. I also hope to see virtual meetings pick up steam. We can't afford the alternative of leaving people behind.