Shu, Ha, and Ri

First, my apologies if I actually have a readership. The boy's been busy with his schoolwork, so time to write has been short.

I can't help but think over Shu, Ha, and Ri these last few days. I can only imagine it's been brought on by an awesome combination of extra karate and Nonaka and Takeuchi.

Anyway you look at it, by the mythical 1,000 night (or day) measure, I've left Shu. This is so both in Librarianship (entered round about 2000) and in Administration (entered round about 2003). I remember early Shu time, which was peppered by my reading field literature and occasionally pestering a Reference Librarian or 4.

And just as it's meant to be, at no point did I feel like BAM it's Ha time! Yet here I am, separating myself from myself ala Descartes, and I think reluctantly that it has to stick. At some point, those same Reference Librarians would duck and cover on my arrival lest they be hit by philosophical ordnance.

Someone posted for articles about feelings one had on the Master of Library Science degree. I can only imagine my negative take on its necessity will be censored as usual. Librarian as a title to me is almost synonymous with how I'd term someone sempai, sensei, or shihan. If you want to garner my respect, you have to tacitly earn it, not waive a piece of paper at me and demand satisfaction.

Let none of this mean that I think I'm super neato nifty keen. I just know that I know a trick or two that someone else might not have copped onto. And I'm generally happy to share. :)

As ever, it's ri that's a bitch. 2.73 years ain't a problem. 27.39 years is a wee bit of one. (Religiously it's rather scary that I'm about 6 years off that mark. *shiver*)

So I have to confess, as I've been trekking from Shu to Ha twice over, I've looked out for someone to take a few of the stones out of my path and toss them at my head when they least think I'm paying them heed. The pessimist in me thought "Right, never happen. I need a foul tempered Marpa, not that I'd ever equal his protégé." It's not that folks weren't masochistic enough to offer, it's that the fit never seemed quite right. Until relatively recently Shu and Ha wise. Which was shocking.

That would have been enough. Yet here I am barely Ha and I have folks expressing thanks for my trucs.

Just makes you wonder...