Oh yes, SRRT rules!

So, I've been thinking for a while that Second Life is a silly thing for us to be engaged in as a profession. I just shake my head at it, despite being a rabid gamer, and think "Sheesh, why have a virtual ALA office when the real one hasn't made this life a eutopia yet."

I realise that we've got hard issues as a profession. I know we'll never solve everything. I also know that charity has been and will continue to be done through Second Life.

But it just struck such a dischord in me.

And now, SRRT (though not yet officially) is callin' foul, where foul deserves to be called.

May the Fates smile on John Gehner for taking the hard right over the easy wrong.

Please do check out his argument, which thankfully was featured in AL online which is how I heard about it, so the ALA deserves a pat on the back for neutrality there.


See, hope again.