How do They do it?

I can't sleep again. Shocker!

Tonight's lack of sleep brought to you by a combination of, are you sitting down?, Classics + Caffeine + far too much one on one conversation about field leaders. That's right, someone had to go and humour me. Two someones, so it's double the trouble. + Free refills. Never a good thing.

Okay, Yesterday Was Just TOO Cute...

My Children's Librarian is on vacation this week (how DARE she have a private life, I tell her, yet she went anyway), so I had to take over Summer Reading this week. Blandford is a very small town, maybe 1200 residents, so it's not like we're cavorting in lotsa money or huge programs. We have maybe twelve or fifteen regulars to Summer Reading, which is a HUGE crew for us (space space space).


There are times when I closely resemble Marvin the Paranoid Android, and this is one of them.

I am *so* depressed.

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