It's getting to be Western New Year.

Traditionally, folks make resolutions that they break later on in the year.

We know we're going to break em, but we make em anyway. This is good. This is much better than not bothering to try and be better.

So, as I am given to preach, here I go.

If you get the chance this year to pull someone up to you, please do so.

I was having a conversation with my Maths Doctor Friend Donna. Donna is great. Our relationship has really morphed and grown and done extraordinary things over the years.

Shu, Ha, and Ri

First, my apologies if I actually have a readership. The boy's been busy with his schoolwork, so time to write has been short.

I can't help but think over Shu, Ha, and Ri these last few days. I can only imagine it's been brought on by an awesome combination of extra karate and Nonaka and Takeuchi.

Mmmmmmm Cataloguing

So I went to this here jigger in me best cataloguing disguise

Amusing was that they referred to me and did so as "from the Guggenheim". I wish. I of course corrected that with the proviso that I would certainly entertain offers of employment from the Guggenheim. (Who wouldn't)

Anyway, this was awesome. It was awesomely awesome.

I expected there to be like 3 guys in a room at the top of the DuBois. It's cataloguing. Cataloguing is, as a schoolie once said "the broccoli of Library Science."

What Makes a Classic a Classic

Driving drives me to think. I've a long commute. Such things are not good for society.

Anyway, as is often the case, I was cruising along and a sticky problem from years back rattled to the front of my head.

(Sticky problems have a nasty rattling tendency. Easy problems get solved and out of my head rapidly, thus making room for beer. So we needs handle sticky problems for their obstructive properties.)

So, I'm innocently behind the wheel thinking on the aboutness of classics and what makes a classic a classic.

Why does scale matter?

This past Friday was the second Friday where I felt like I'd rather not be at woik. This isn't to say I'd rather not work in Libraries, I'd just rather not work in my own.

Granted, like the previous week, I had run hard on Thursday.

But I'm increasingly finding it difficult to pry myself away from shiny larger scale theoretical things for the small pond of my Library. This is strange - my Library overall is not a bad gig.

It's doubly strange when I consider that I'm pretty sure that administration will scale.

Middlesex, an unintended review

So, I'm innocently emailing to and fro. The other end of the line is much heavier on the IQ than I, so I'm trying to put a little spit shine on ye olde reader's advisory.

(Is it easier for you to book talk in bytes? It is for me.)

Here I go, posting stuff I oughtn't. This is the stuff born of flattery.



Two of the lists I'm on that are fantastic for philosophy are GOVDOCS and GAYLIBN, though the droughts between deep thinking oases seem pronounced sometimes. I stick around for moments like these.

Right now on the latter, there's an awesome back and forth on NACO, Authorities, RDA, OPAC display and all sorts of other heavy duty cataloguing junk.

The initial uber relevant list question was something like "Hey, what do we do with trans people's authority records?"

Cogito ergo sum

I can't help but wonder how much we all wonder.

Have we sidelined philosophical discussions to the point of irrelevance?

There are listservs, bulletin board systems, conferences and all sorts of outlets for our musings, but the format I find most comforting is the Library Camp. ( I found out about this year's too late, but I dished with someone that had gone, and it sounded like it lived up to my imaginings.

More infectuous hope

I had the most rewarding day on the job I have ever enjoyed thus far. So that's round about 7 years, which I realise makes me wet behind the ears in Librarian time.

But I don't care.

I know a lot of people that come into contact with me wonder why I choose the hard road in life. I stand and fight against impossible odds or I'll fold meekly in a seemingly unpredictable fashion, and certainly in a manner that would lead a cursory examiner to conclude strange things. A lot of it's cultural.

But really, days like this are why I do what I do.

Hey, another Ranter

Check it out, an up and coming Masters' student (or perhaps he's gradumatated by now) is in to ranting, too. I found his blog by accident.

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