RealID is ruinin' mah research

One of the nicest things about World of Warcraft is that you've a certain degree of anonymity. If you're researching, who knows who you're talking to? It isn't unusual to catch fellow researchers conducting surveys. These vary from gender studies, to psychology, to sociology, and any number of different topics. I tend to like WoW for my ability to make plenty of virtual mistakes that I can avoid in real life.

We're the antidote

The shooting in Arizona has been on my mind, and the minds of many others of late, as well it should be. Here's hoping that the victims, the survivors, and their families are well taken care of for the rest of their collective lives.

While the spark of violent political rhetoric has often been referred to, and while it's not necessarily strongly correlated in this instance, I feel like the deeper sinister roots of the problem largely haven't really been addressed.

The Spiral of Storytelling, or Brooke, You're Obtuse.

I was walking the other night with someone I shall term a friend and hope the benefit of the doubt allows me to do so. I was telling more than I strictly should have at the time, so I was chatting in my usual lazy spiral. A few twists here, a few flourishes there to both convey and not the identity of those I was speaking about. My somewhat patient listener mostly comes along with me, in all of my rule breaking glory. At the end of this godsforsaken mess, she says "You have an obtuse manner of speaking."

Enough Barbie, ALA Sucks. Still.

This is a response to "Is the Association Ripe for Rebellion?" by Jim Rettig, in american libraries. Can't find it? Lemme google it for ye.

(fine, it's here:

Before I start my rant, I want to be very clear that I personally think Jim Rettig is not part of the problem. However, I feel it necessary to dissect what he's stated. This should not be construed as a personal attack, since it isn't.

Pleasantry and the Pixel

Much of my life is virtual. I still boot about on IRC. I'm a guild master for what I consider to be a very successful social / educational guild in World of Warcraft. I earned my diploma online rather than in person. (My local in person option was barely accredited at that juncture. What say ye to that, stodgy in person learning advocate?) I've enjoyed being a contractor at a distance, as well.

Shameless Busking, or give Horowhenua Library Trust 2M NZD and I'll stop. (Even if it's $10 at a time!)

Horowhenua Library Trust being politely restrained, yet cutting edge innovators do not suffer from tall poppy syndrome at all. So they would never utter the following, but the following is true:

We owe them.

Teh Ohnoes, a Barbie Post010101@!

Forgive me a Barbie post. Every now and again it happens. I wear a wee bit of pink despite meself. I get the desire to wear hair ties or hold a girly fan. I gush in the stead of ranting.

So please do pardon the treacle.

One of the best bits of advice I ever received was from Sylvia Barnard, my Latin professor. After confiding in her, she told me that I needed a change of scene. I ended up in Trinity College in Dublin thanks to her. More likely than no, without those words, I'd have left University and become an auto mechanic, never to touch my comely wife, Library Science.

On Intimacy: Or Why I’m a Social Networking Luddite

Are you sitting down? Good.

I am not on the Facebook.

You heard me.

I’m proud.

Still seated?

I don’t have a mobile, either.

Twitter? Pfft. Fair play to ye, Lewis Black.

My stalwart band of merry friends weathers these oddities (and many, many more) valiantly. They’ve heard me remark endlessly that I’ve skipped a few generations and I’m really a Boomer in disguise.

My Fraternity Does a Better Job with Conferences than ALA and it Disturbs Me No End

"I've had all I can stand. I can't stands no more!"

I feel the need to dissect the 2009 LITA National Forum in gory, gory, blow by blow detail.

Librarians Shoot Selves in Foot Again

I must confess I meant to write this a bit earlier during the perfect storm of Budget Season. I couldn't work up the stomach to do so until

I Saw It Again


As someone that was awarded an A in killing people, as well as someone that knows a whole heck of a lot of brave firefighters, I feel as though I can unequivocally say that, yes, we are in the same company as the Army and the Fire Department when it comes down to budget time.

"Why?" you ask. Perhaps "That's absurd!" you posit.

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