OCLC Future Cast

I'm a scandalous twitter voyeur. Thanks to Henri-Damien Laurent, I got wind of OCLC's Future Cast

being held next month in The District.

Who loves the French? I do.

Information Dynamics of Betrayal

Osama is dead, thank the light.

I can't help but wonder how it got to that, though.

What is it that turns a heart from bitter to right? There was an interesting NPR talk on Loyalty: The Vexing Virtue

it doesn't hurt that I'm reading the Other Queen, too.

Important Shtuff: Koha 3.4

Galen has a post on fetching Template::Toolkit, which you need, need, need before you open the pressie containing Koha.

Why do you need it? Because Galen says so, that's why.

The New Extortion

If you hired a painter to call by your house, you'd get an aestimate, right? If you were diligent, you might do this a few times over to ensure a good price. If you were super careful, you might even consult with a lawyer, the Attorney General's office, or the Better Business Bureau to ensure that this particular painter were on the level.

Ergonomics on the Cheap

Aedunno about you, but when I inherited my last Library, our chairs were well beyond shabby. I found some cheap Staples replacements at the time and called it a day.

If I knew then what I know now.

Bear in mind that some of your traditional suit and skirt set will *freak out* if you propose this, so some of your staff are bound to cling to their normalcy.

Show em this, and mebbe they'll change their tune:

But what am I proposing?

Replace some chairs with balls.

Yep. Balls.

Why, Yes, I am that cheap. (Or Variable Pricing still isn't. Shocker.)

Part of the disease that infects Librarians is the desire to ferret out information, even if doing so might be quite silly and technically inefficient.

I crawled out from under my rock just long enough to be in the car with the boy. It just so happened that I heard a song that I liked over the radio. Thanks to my super cool Prius having the ability to tell me what the heck I was listening to I made a note to check into it later.

Thanks, Bliz

I'm proud as punch to announce that the Librarian, Kirin Tor, at long last has its Guild Page. It took a mere 19,567 honourable kills to find a single Tauren Priest.

An Island Unto Ourselves

Adhering to the Librarian party line the best I can, I was listening to my local NPR affiliate, WAMU in the war pony on the way back from Five Guys. The guest was a University adminughstrator and the topic was cuts. French and Spanish were on the chopping block.

I have the dubious distinction of being the last Latin graduate from the University at Albany, State University of New York. *Just* Latin. As in NVTS nuts.

The Power of the Right Question

There is a group of brave souls that are resilient enough to allow me to pretend to fence with them. I'd heartily recommend fencing to any Librarian; it teaches us to take the initiative. There is as much in the mind as there is in the body to the sport, so it's perfect for us all.

As I was sitting in the bleachers after a bout, one of the parents struck up a lovely conversation about education. She was incredibly easy to converse with. After a bit of small talk I took a minute before striking away from the path of discussion.

"How did you instill grace in your children?"

On Defence Contractors and Revisionist History

Progressive Technology Federal Systems, a large defence contractor doing business as PTFS (presumably since it sounds smaller that way) decided to sidle on in to the Koha scene about a couple of years ago. (Here's a link if you don't believe that they're a defence contractor. If you don't believe that they're large, Hoover them.)

At the time they came to town, folks thought "Great!" We welcome new folks. A new set of hands is a good thing.

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