Up All Blacks!

I'm certain some of you are wondering what happens when you wear an All Blacks rugby jersey about town in the States. Anyone looks smart in this kit, even me, so the first thing to do is go buy some.

It should come with a warning label.

Warning: Wearing this kit will attract every Kiwi within a 5 mile radius. Proceed with extreme caution.

People I've never met before, and usually don't see a second time, will come out, vigorously shake me hand, ask if I'm from eNZed, and then do or say summat extra nice and be off to presumably do good elsewhere.

Do you write a lot?

A couple folks in the Koha Community ( used this for a meeting in the past fortnight, and it works like a charm.

I love thinking in colour, and this lets users choose a colour when editing a text document. I also love that there's a built in chat component. What an incredibly useful, simple tool.

You're out for a drive. Wind in your hair, nice open country road ahead of you. Before you know it, you miss that damn sign, and there's no turn about for miles. With a rude driver behind ye, you'll never know what the bloody thing said.

Hopefully this will become less of a problem now :D

Kick on over to

"Get Your Game On"

Thanks to Ellen Forsyth of the State Library of New South Wales, there's a monthly online gathering in the Saurfang Ironforge Library in World of Warcraft. The lecture series can get quite interesting, and Eli Neiburger was no exception to this.

A Freeborn Man of the Traveling People

I grew wistful for a bit of the great American motoring tradition the other day, and I had cause to visit a far away friend. This saw me on the highway for a staggering amount of time, and between him and I was the Library I booted about in high school. Ah the fond memories of intentional misuse of the card catalogue for dating purposes.

"Pardon me, you seem to have my drawer. Would you mind sharing?" Our heads or hands would sometimes touch, and that would be the beginning of yet another beautiful friendship. Stupid OPACs.

Eradicate Nasty Statistics

I was watching lefty media today, and they cited a pretty forkin' high unemployment rate for veterans. I nearly whistled and thought "Wow, that's getting on obnoxiously bad given one's not on the reservation."

I'm a Librarian, though, and like a good little Librarian, I went and skittered over to politifact and bls to double check. Yep, pretty hideous. Also, the former had freggin' nothing. (Surely there must be a whole heap of folks lying about veteran's employment. I will blame my bad search skills. #reasonsIamnotareferenceLibrarian.)

The Word of the Day

Use the C word, Luke.

If you want to force push your representative into supporting your Library, you must use the C word.

A lot.

Think kindergarten levels of repetition.

The C word?


If you don't believe me about the weight of this word, sit down, watch the news, and count how many times you hear a politician use it. Speak their language.

Libraries serve *everyone*. They are bipartisan in nature. We are not niche arts programmes, we are a social safety net and the nation's think tank.

Deciphering the Opera

Collection development is often a challenge. There's a perpetual tug of war between acquisition of popular items we know will circulate and rounding out the classics. When one ventures into music collection development, this is even harder. Most daunting of all can be starting anew, which often happens with music and gaming.

From the Oink Oink Bebe Dept.

Ah, Gay Libn Chat, where would I be without ye? <3 Steve.

Some of them aren't, but a lot are. What more do you need for a wee bit of inspiration while crunching scandalously dirty data?

Budget Fail

"I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find that gambling is going on in here!"

The little mister laid that one on me early in the morning. I am morbidly intrigued by Albany Public HeLl since they so continuously take the wrong decision it runs close to statistically impossible. Library school students, take note! Don't do what these guys do!

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