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Are you going to eat that?

When we were kids, we used to share plates, or try to. If food was left over that one kid didn't want, another might ask

"Are you going to eat that?"

but it was despicable to ask if you weren't actually going to eat it.

Let me level with you. I generally hate people getting asked the infamous

"Do you really need that? What do you need the computer to do that for?"

X Box Fitness

As in Animal Farm, all workouts are equal, but some are more equal than others.

As I've been slogging through the X Box fitness workouts, I've been impressed with some trainers, while being a bit surprised with others.



I hold a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I'm a brown belt in Karate. So it was very natural for me to pick the MOSSA workout. Not so great was the X Box crashing on me with about 5 minutes left in the workout.

X Box Stop Sucking

From the folks that brought you Windows 8, adventures in how the fuck do I get anything done at work anymore, comes the X Box One.

Straight out of the box, this things starts trawling for personal information. You'd think they might decide NOT to do this considering the entry price is a couple hundred more for the standard console than it was last time.

How being a Librarian saved me several hundred dollars

Many times when we're faced with having to justify our costs, we can't come up with concrete examples of how our research skills save our Patrons money.

For a lot of us, research is fun. It's an egg hunt. We're racing the clock of a Patron's patience while trying desperately to get them the most accurate information possible. I like to think that I excel when it comes to consumer information and travel.

Not All Nigeria is Part of a Scam

As a consultant, it is often my job to state the obvious. We are picked on for such things.

Yet I feel the need to state the obvious on my blog.

Africa still suffers a stigma in the first world. Few countries in Africa suffer a heavier stigma than Nigeria.

Hats off to the Red Cross


Sheer and utter panic.

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm not meant to, but I didn't foresee myself being in a Red Cross challenge situation. I thought I was signing this fat olde lady up for a nice leisurely stroll through CPR FPR land. Unconscious victim with a panicking significant other? No problem! The prospect of failing a written test? DEFCON4!!!

It's Weird to be in the 1%

I started a guild in World of Warcraft years ago to prove that the crux of public Library sentiment: that anyone at anytime could learn anything applied to online gaming. One of my early childhood memories was being so wrapped up in getting Lode Runner on the family's C64. I was about 4 lines from the promised land when my father yanked the cord since he rightly considered that long at the computer to be unhealthy. It was an irreplaceable lesson in saving one's work frequently at a formative age, too.

Fill Out The Freggin' Form

Every now and then, someone writes me a desperate email about not being able to catalogue summat. Every time I get one of those letters, I cringe at my being the last line of defence. Admittedly, I smile a little bit thinking about having that much nerd trust.

So anyway, here and there when I help folks out, I stumble on crappy LoC records. It's bound to happen. I've heard war stories from actual cataloguers about some real Duesies. I went to a happy Library School, and will happily pass on what they taught me.

There's a form to fill out in these unfortunate cases.

Let's Get Physical

I've been torturing myself on the ergometer lately. Hopefully my trainer thinks I'm dead, because I want to surprise him at the end of the month by making Concept2's challenge.


Yeah, yeah, this is a Library Science blog. I'm getting to it. :)

It's not possible to conventionally read and row. You've a handle in both yer hands. You're sweating bullets and trying not to pull yer back. I couldn't even manage to listen to mah iPod and do a 5,000 without crimping the headphones under mah seat. (Get an armband!)

The Seedy Underbelly of NYPL

As incendiary as the Nation is, this long article is well worth a read for those unacquainted with politics in the Big City. I have to say I'm on the book side of this one; it feels rare for me to be on that side of the fence, I'd usually prefer a bank of PACs to a few dozen stacks. This just has the reek of change for change's sake and "progress". Don't stick "research" and preservation in your mission if you're not in earnest.


Here's hoping Marx is a step up from LeClerc.

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